Director, Project Management

John joined Vanke in 2014, where he oversees all project management and is responsible for liaising with developers and architects to ensure that each project runs smoothly and on schedule.

Prior to joining Vanke, John served in various senior positions, representing either the developer, member of the consultant team or the construction manager for a number of major commercial and mixed-use projects. Originally from the U.K., John has worked on a number of iconic New York City-based projects, including the Time Warner Building.

John enjoys fencing, martial arts and spending time with family.

Get to know John

What kind of thinker are you?
Visual, mind mapper, etc. Multi-Dimensional.

What are you an expert at?
The coordination of multiple parties on complex Design/Construction issues.

What’s your favorite aspect of working at Vanke?
Being part of a team where expertise in all elements of the development process is valued.

What’s your favorite building?
Notre-Dame de Paris-Various Architects (Traditional), Falling Water-Frank Lloyd Wright (Contemporary), FT Building, London- Grimshaw (Modern)