Senior Associate, Project Management

Amanda joined Vanke in 2017, where she is responsible for liaising with developers and architects and coordinating projects to ensure efficient construction. 

Prior to joining Vanke, Amanda was a Design Professional and Architect at HOK, where she facilitated hospitality focused architectural design and coordinated efforts with project engineers. Amanda began her career as an Architectural Designer at BBG-BBGM.

Amanda holds a Master of Architecture and a B.A from Savannah College of Art & Design. In her spare time, she volunteers at Million Trees NYC and enjoys warm weather, the beach, traveling, music festivals, running, yoga, embroidery, and lounging with her cat.

Get to know Amanda

What kind of thinker are you?
I’m a thoroughly visual thinker – a picture is worth above and beyond a thousand words.

What are you an expert at?
Establishing an organizational framework for almost anything – be it modules for apartment or hotel room plans or packing the perfect beach bag, it’s puzzles I love to solve.

What’s your favorite aspect of working at Vanke?
The ‘Sunday Scaries’ don’t apply when you thoroughly enjoy your job and each day is different.  Whether we’re on a site walk-through with contractors or working as a team revising project details, each day is different, unpredictable and exciting.

What’s your favorite building?
In New York – The Oculus, Calatrava. 
In the world – Institut du Monde Arabe, Jean Nouvel in Paris.