A Culture Grounded in Curiosity, Collaboration and Community

At Vanke US, we believe in sparking new ideas, collaborating with partners to achieve better outcomes, improving lives, enriching communities and investing in the development of the next generation of real estate professionals.

Our distinct culture facilitates an inclusive, hard-working environment and allows our team a level of autonomy in order to grow, nurture their intellectual curiosity and find innovative solutions through collaborations.

We are the United States’ subsidiary of China Vanke, one of the largest real estate companies in the world. Vanke US carries on China Vanke’s legacy of reliability and quality.

We are global and local all at once, leveraging our parent company’s international resources along with our expert knowledge of the U.S. markets. Our entrepreneurial feel and diverse, local team enable us to operate with flexibility to ensure that each project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Investing in Communities

As real estate investors, we invest in more than real estate properties. We invest in communities. We invest in improving the quality of life. We invest in preserving the environment through sustainable practices.

To Vanke US, being sustainable is not just about the building materials or energy-saving measures of our projects. More broadly, being sustainable is also about ensuring that our projects are designed to coexist within their respective communities, to complement each neighborhood’s unique history and offerings, and to ultimately bring about mutually beneficial outcomes.

Inspiring a New Generation of Real Estate Professionals

Universities and colleges in the U.S. bring together students from communities across the country and around the world, creating a melting pot of fresh ideas and varied perspectives. College campuses are a unique setting where education and business meet to spark new thinking, and where Vanke US and the next generation of real estate industry professionals can engage.

We are a company that believes in sharing global insights, stimulating conversations and developing relationships, and view this dialogue as an extension of our culture. Under this program, we have addressed undergraduate and graduate students at universities including Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, MIT and NYU on a range of industry issues and trends.